Thursday, August 19, 2004


This has been a very strange summer here in Norway. The water has been quite low, after a three-day-flood in May, but I have still been able to catch some of the classics with more than enough water in them! The "Sjørli" is one of them, a 6 kilometer long rollercoaster of whitewater which can scare most of us at the right level...My first time down this year was at a high level, and my friend Georgia from Australia came along for some true norwegian experience. We were all focused and busy boofing over holes, as there are not really too many eddies on this run, and you have to keep moving pretty much all the time. A couple of interesting lines came through, but all in all the group worked pretty well together. Suddenly, just as I am boofing over a hole I see Georgias paddle in it, and I realise that she is swimming. Lucikly she got to shore in one piece, and the boys ran off chasing her boat. She decided that enough was enough, and the rest of us kept going towards take-out. This river doesnt have one single big drop on it, but it ain`t stopping!! I managed to stay away from too many big sticky holes, but my heart was still beating pretty hard as I scrambled to shore. If you know the river it takes you usually 45 minutes to run, if you dont know it, and dont like stretching your neck too much, it takes hours....We once passed a group of germans that had spent 6 hours, and they were still a kilometer away from the finish line...
The local playwave on the Sjoa hasnt been running too much, so my Kingpin is sitting under my roof collecting dust, waiting for my White Nile adventure in November.
What I have been doing most of, is raftguiding...You know, we have to eat to live...7 days a week, of mostly class 3 guiding can kill the most keen riverperson, and I am starting to feel the longing for dropping a biiiiig waterfall again. Unfortunately I am struggling with two bad shoulders, and cant really paddle too much at the moment. But dont worry, I will be back before you know I was gone...

Hope you all had a good summer so far, and I look forward to seeing you all out there!